Giving Back

Symbol Sage's Mission Statement on Giving Back

At Symbol Sage, our commitment to beauty, history, and spirituality is only rivaled by our passion for creating tangible positive change in our global community. We deeply understand the foundational importance of nourishment, both for the body and the soul. Through our support of "Share a Meal", with every purchase you make, we're able to provide meals for those most in need, ensuring that the act of adorning oneself with our jewelry not only beautifies and empowers the wearer but also radiates compassion to those affected by circumstances beyond their control.

Our "Share a Meal" initiative stands as a testament to the interconnectedness we feel with all beings. Just as every symbol weaves a narrative of collective history and shared meaning, every meal shared fosters a story of hope, resilience, and unity. We invite you to join us in our mission – to intertwine aesthetic and spiritual enrichment with the fundamental act of giving, ensuring every Symbol Sage piece carries with it a legacy of love, care, and shared humanity.